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I'm Michelle.

A natural health practitioner with an unshakeable passion and determination to help you achieve well-being, pain relief and increased energy through a highly personalised holistic approach.
michelle kinesiology testing quadriceps


Addresses physical, emotional, nutritional and energy imbalances guided by muscle testing.
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foot reflexology michelle lodge javea


The stimulation of reflexes in the feet enhances the circulation to all organs and glands in the body.
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Michelle reiki over solar plexus


A Japanese art of ancient healing enabling deep relaxation and energy centre balancing.
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Michelle giving Firm pressure massage on left shoulder


Firm, relaxing techniques aiming to reduce stress, increase circulation and mobility  
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What I Can Help You With...

Food intolerance testing
Digestive challenges
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Acid reflux
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
Weight challenges
Stress management
Emotional challenges
Feeling tired all the time
Difficulty sleeping
Brain fog
Lack of motivation
Poor concentration
Headaches and Migraines
Immunity weakness
Hormonal imbalances
Skin challenges
Arthritis, joint and muscle pain
Autoimmune conditions
Michelle lodge therapies in Javea

Meet Michelle Lodge

Michelle is based in Javea, the Costa Blanca region of Spain since the year 2000. 
Her passion for health and spirituality started at the age of 12 when she attuned to Reiki. She now has over 11 years of experience working out of a private clinic and at a health retreat in Calpe. 
Michelle trained at prestigious schools in reflexology and kinesiology with internationally renowned tutors.
Through making some dietary changes and seeing Michelle every 2 weeks, my daughter no longer needs a wheelchair. 
- Linda Cooper
One short session with her and my movement in my shoulder was back and I was pain free.
- Lisa Burgess
After 1 month her spotty & rather greasy skin is completely changed, is clear & smooth.
- Debbie Light
When I got up during the night as I always do I had absolutely no back pain and today during the day it is about 80% better which is amazing and my leg is also a lot better.
- Paul
After only 3 sessions has resolved my digestive issues and as an added bonus my joint pain is also much improved.
- Judith Gethren
The results have been remarkable with balancing my hormones so I don’t now experience the hot sweats associated with pre menopause YEAH… and my dread of driving has improved tremendously.
- Shirley Naylor
After a few sessions with Michelle,  I now no longer needed any pain relief tablets for my knee.
- Andrea Buitenkant
Excellent reflexology treatment to help rebalance my stressed body, but also for my mind. Michelle is so intuitive and I felt automatically at ease.
- Abbey Rose
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