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Michelle lodge therapies in Javea

Hi, I'm Michelle

A natural health practitioner with an unshakeable passion and determination to help you achieve well-being, pain relief and increased energy through a highly personalised holistic approach.

A little bit about me...

Born in Essex, UK, I was naturally drawn to health and healing from a young age. 

My mum suffered from monthly migraines which lasted for 3 days, and I always wanted to help her ease the pain. Interestingly, at the age of 13 I received an envelope containing a cheque of 1000 pounds. It was a prize I won from submitting answers to a quiz in the weekend newspaper. 

Since I was acquainted with hands on healing, I used the money to spend on crystals and to attune myself to Reiki, frequently using this ancient healing method on my mum.

Before I turned 14, we moved to Spain and I was put into a public Spanish school which presented challenges as I had to learn a new language, make new friends and adapt to the culture. 

Upon finishing school, I worked in motor insurance for a few years and then worked in the film industry as an assistant to a film director in Los Angeles, California for another few years, before finally returning back to the UK to pursue my passion in healing. 

I studied reflexology at the renowned International Institute of Reflexology in London with Hagar Basis and later went on to study Systematic Kinesiology, the original school of kinesiology in London trained under Claire Muller.

Currently, based in Javea, Spain, I have been offering therapies in reiki, reflexology and systematic kinesiology since 2012 in a private health clinic and at a health retreat.

My life's passion and mission are to help better your quality of life so that you can enjoy doing the things that matter most to you, in alignment with your higher nature.

Healing wishes,

Michelle Lodge Gonzalez. Dip. IIR, ITEC, Dip. TASK

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