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Happy Clients

"My daughter, Georgina, was unable to walk quite suddenly, and for an entire year was bound to a wheelchair. We went to see different specialists in the health care industry Doctors, Physiotherapists, nutritionists, etc.. and had scans, blood tests, anything that would get my daughter walking again. I felt hopeless as I wasn’t getting answers and there was no improvement. I was recommended by a friend for Georgina to see Michelle for kinesiology sessions. Michelle has passion in her total holistic approach and I knew that there was hope yet. Through making some dietary and lifestyle changes and seeing Michelle every 2 weeks, my daughter no longer needs her wheelchair, and is able to have a normal life just like a teenager should! Without Michelle I don't know where we would be. Thank you. xxx"
- Linda Cooper
" Michelle used her skill as a Kinesiologist to help me with a shoulder issue that had been ongoing for around two years. I couldn't get my arm behind my back of lift it to the side. One short session with her and the recommended nutrition and my movement was back and I was pain free. Truly amazing therapist. Thank you Michelle xx"
- Lisa Burgess
Lisa B Balanced
" There are not many people I trust to have treatments from and I would refer to myself as a very selective person when it comes to this. Michelle is one of THE most professional therapists I have had the pleasure of spending time with, her knowledge is amazing and her understanding and passion for what she does truly does make it feel safe and in GREAT hands. I would HIGHLY recommend a session with this lady - and regularly too."
- Gareth Stubbs
Vegan Food company, Dtoxd Living
"I have had two outstanding kinesiology treatments with another one booked next week. The results have been remarkable with balancing my hormones so I don’t now experience the hot sweats associated with pre menopause YEAH… and my dread of driving has improved tremendously. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and her caring professional nature shines through. If you’re looking for a therapist in the Javea area I certainly recommend Michelle. Thank you!"
- Shirley Naylor
"I had an excellent first treatment from Michelle...an amazing experience from an incredibly professional and talented Lady who works so hard because she loves it and she cares!!! It really opened some doors to healing myself - Thank you!!!!"
- Jamie Goodwin
"I have been to see Michelle 3 times and i'm blown away!!! Emotionally and physically Michelle has worked wonders with me, such a talented, loving warm young lady....after years of suffering I can now lead a normal life...i can but not quantify the experience that i've, and never envisaged anyone possibly being able to do for me....thank you Michelle"
- Lisa Jayne Purcell
"Michelle is amazing and very intuitive therapist and on top very warm person, full of compassion and understanding. She helped me get my body into the balance and find the root of the problem. After the session I felt rejuvenated, healthier and more grounded. Definitely I would recommend treatments with her - it's like a miracle! Thank you Michelle!!!"
- Aisha Archer
Lotus Balance, Breath Therapist And Kinesiologist
"I'd never heard of this Kinesiology until I went to Michelle for reflexology.
I then took my daughter whom has now had 2 sessions. Michelle was warm, friendly and professional. Her treatment led to a major diet change and the difference after 1 month is very noticeable. Her spoty & rather greasy skin has bar 2 small spots left on her back completely changed, is clear & smooth. Also her moods are improving 😀. We'll definitely be back in a few months for the next stage."
- Debbie Light
"I highly recommend Michelle for her kinesiology treatments. She helped me feel better physically during my first treatment with her and we also identified a pattern of unpleasant experiences I hadn't noticed before, and have now addressed. She's very professional, warm, empathetic and I'm really grateful to her."
- Hanna Charlotte Sharpe, Kinesiologist 
"Excellent reflexology treatment to help rebalance my stressed body, but also for my mind. Michelle is so intuitive and I felt automatically at ease. A good pep talk at the end of the session was enough in itself to get me motivated and aware of what changes I needed to make to improve my health and lifestyle- just what I needed. Well worth the money."
- Abbey Rose, Designed By Abbey 
"I by chance stumbled across Michelle and the work that she does and I am so very glad that I did.
I do believe in fate and I very much believe it brought me to her.
I have lived in the uk with nerve pain in my knee for 3 years or so after a bad break that doctors there simply hadn’t seen before. My treatment from them unfortunately left me in significant pain. At this point I was taking a great deal of very strong pain relief in the form of tablets and suffering some of the side effects this entails.
I luckily bumped into Michelle who suggested some treatment for me. Having seen a number of specialists I was a little sceptical as I had constant pain when I walked.
After a few sessions with Michelle, my pain was significantly reduced. She knew what supplement to give my body to cope with my knee (make it stronger), which are so much better than any pain relief tablet.
I was able to go back to the uk and continue with these magnesium supplements and found that unless I’ve done a huge amount on my knee, I now no longer needed any pain relief tablets.
This was huge!!!!! I used to take so so many on a daily basis.
I am forever grateful to Michelle for her help in helping me to understand my body and to help it correct itself.
I feel more like myself again.
I highly recommend her services for any kind of health concerns or even a health check.
Much appreciation,
Andrea x"
- Andrea Buitenkant
"Michelle, is AMAZING!! I highly recommend seeing her to develop greater health. She is an amazing font of knowledge!"
- Jules Wyman
"My session with Michelle gave me hope for the future, I have fibromyalgia I still don’t understand why & how. I try really hard to overcome the pain
And extreme tiredness, sometimes it’s an impossibility. Just 2 weeks following the program Michelle gave me I feel energised with little pain.
Thank you Michelle"
- Judith Slater
"Michelle is one of my most treasured therapists (I have many). Although I only see her once a year I’m happy to travel to Spain from England for treatments. It’s fair to say she has changed my life. Highly recommended."
- Lorraine Bentley
"Michelle has a wonderful gift for identifying imbalances in the mind and body and restoring health and harmony. I can highly recommend her!"
- Sara Köhnen
"I had instant results with this treatment. Michelle is caring and patient. With the exceptional ability to challenge your thoughts and probe to find the source of your discomfort. As well as the session Michelle will recommend supplements to help to maintain your wellness. It is your decision to consider these. Although it’s difficult to describe the treatment, for me it provides an inner strength to move forward with a different outlook. I would highly recommend Michelle as part of your well-being care for both mental and physical health. Michelle truly is beautiful inside and out."
- Beverley Thorpe
"I went to Michelle yesterday for a reflexology treatment, and it was wonderful. I have also been to her in the past for Kinesiology. As a reflexologist myself, I have contacted Michelle to ask her advice on how to improve my technique. Michelle is highly skilled and experienced and whether you are looking to improve your health, or would like to experience the relaxing and regenerative effects of a reflexology treatment, I recommend contacting Michelle. Many thanks."
- Victoria Whitehead
"She's a wonderful therapist and person who not only masters her skill, but also knows how to hold space and comfort."
- Guiomar Ramirez-Montesinos, Vivir Desde El Ser
"Michelle is a caring and professional young lady who after only 3 sessions has resolved my digestive issues, identifying not only what my body needs but also what it doesn’t need. As an added bonus my joint pain is also much improved. Highly recommended."
- Judith Gethren
"I consulted Michelle, because I have a pancreas problem, and can't digest food, leading to malnutrition. The hospital gives no diet or nutritional help, and I was unable to eat many foods. With kinesiology, was shown which foods are causing me problems, and which ones are my healing. After only a week things are much better, and I will continue with her help till I am putting on weight.
She also treated me holistically for bereavement, as I have had two major losses this year.
Can recommend Michele highly for her amazing knowledge and help."
- Wendy Bramley Moore
"Can’t fault her! She’s absolutely amazing has done wonders for me and my ten year old son. Truly professional, amazingly empathetic and just brilliant. Cured things my drs and surgeons couldn’t fix! Thx u"
- Aj
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