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Sunday Reiki Distant Healing Sessions

michelle reiki distant healing

Connect with me every Sunday at 8pm (GMT+1) UK time / 9pm (GMT +2) Spanish time to receive reiki healing.

COVID has shifted many aspects of our lives and as with any change, usually there is some anxiety, uncertainty and unrest.

I have felt a strong calling to offer distance healing reiki sessions to help those going through this shift. The reiki healing will help you shift from low, dense and feeling stuck frequencies to higher frequencies of love, gratitude and compassion.
The energy can help us connect more with our heart and be guided by it, since the mind can create many conflicting thoughts throwing you back and forth consuming valuable energy.

Trusting your intuition and trusting life will get you to exactly where you need to be. Reiki feels very supporting and encouraging.

For those of you who do not sleep well at night, reiki will help encourage a peaceful, restorative sleep. It is for this reason that I have chosen to offer the reiki healing late in the evening.

The Sunday distant healing Reiki sessions have a duration of 30 minutes and are free to participate, however, if you would like to donate a little something (recommended 3 euros) to buy me a cup of green tea, you may do so by pressing the donate button below.

All you need to do is click on the button below for the Facebook Reiki Distant Healing page and click on the event. You will need to click "going". Note that if you have only clicked "interested", I will not add you to the healing list.
If you do not have Facebook, send me an email with the name and a photo of the person needing healing. A photo is asked as I will be able to connect stronger.

There is no zoom/skype link as there is no need for this type of event.

Before the session commences, it is best to lie down comfortably with eyes closed, with no distractions and the mobile turned off.
You may wish to become aware of the breathing, or focus on each body part as you rise up from the feet to the head and vice versa. This will help the body to relax and release the mind from thoughts as I connect to all of you.

At the end of the session, I will send a message on the discussion tab on the facebook event page with any details that were felt during the session.

Since the beginning of offering these Sunday healing sessions, I have been asked for private distant reiki sessions. If you would like this option please contact me for details.

Click the button below to join Sunday reiki distant healing sessions!
FB Reiki Distant Healing Page

If you like these Sunday healing sessions, I would be most grateful for a small donation, you may do so by clicking the donate button below:  

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